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The science of Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry is focused towards delivering effective and efficient Dental care for children and adolescents while instilling a positive Dental attitude. It focuses on rendering comprehensive dental care for every stage of childhood from infancy through adolescence including those with special medical, behavioral and developmental needs.

Our core working philosophy is that, children being as unpredictable and incredible as Mother Nature, it's the responsibility of the paedodontists to ensure that every child visiting our department can grow into adulthood with a healthy dentition and overall improved quality of life. The department houses efficient faculties equipped with eloquent knowledge in the field of pediatric dentistry. The teaching program strives to educate and train students to commit themselves to a safe, ethical, empathetic, evidence based paedodontic practice. Our students have represented the department and won awards and appreciation in various academic platforms.

Our patient management strategies nests broadly on the understanding and application of child psychology and in essence efficiently managing the behavior of children through mainly non pharmacological methods. The treatment modalities in the growing dentition are aimed at preserving and restoring the integrity of the arches and the dento-facial complex.

The diverse spectrum of treatments carried out in the department are infant oral health care, preventive dentistry, restorations; minor and major oral surgical procedures like extractions, cyst management; management of pediatric oral pathologies; surgical and nonsurgical pediatric endodontic procedures, stainless steel and esthetic crowns; preventive orthodontics like habit-breaking appliances, space maintainers, interceptive orthodontics like space regainers, myofuctional appliances, orthopedic appliances, mixed dentition orthodontics, pediatric dental and maxillofacial trauma management, comprehensive dental management of children with special health care needs.


Patient centered dental home: an enhanced dental program that delivers an ongoing diet counseling, preventive, comprehensive, coordinated dental care with regular recalls addressing all the dental needs of the patient starting from 12 months of age.

Early childhood caries cell: Prevention and methodical management of early childhood caries along with patient and parent education

Pediatric dental and maxillofacial trauma unit: Management of pediatric dental and maxillofacial trauma with emphasis on prevention and management sports related maxillofacial trauma through parental and patient education


Randomized control trials on revascularization of traumatized teeth using various bioceramic and bioactive materials

Descriptive studies on dental and maxillofacial trauma in pediatric population of urban and rural districts of Chennai

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