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The history of Dentistry like any other cultural civilization of the human race has its beginning before the dawn of history. Even the Neolithic man has been reported to have practiced knocking out of teeth. Ancient Indian Ayurvedic literature contains many interesting observations on dental diseases and their treatment. Susrutha, the ancient Indian sage is universally acknowledged as the First dental anatomist of the world. Dentists and dentistry figure prominently in the medical history of Rome. One of the laws of the "twelve tables" prohibits gold be buried with the corpse except "the gold that is fastened to the teeth". The word dentist is derived form the Latin word 'dontist' and was first used by Pierre Fauchard of France who is the Father of Modern dentistry.

The year 1920 will remain as the first milestone in the progress of dental Education in India when a full fledeged autonomous dental institution was founded at Calcutta by the Late Padma Bushan, Dr.Rafiuddin Ahmed. The course let to the award of a diploma. More . . .